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'The Russell Brand of Ventriloquism'
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Gareth Oliver takes the art of Ventriloquism to a whole new level. 

A master of improvisation & an ambassador for the nonconformist, Gareth is a force of nature , who is hell-bent on tearing apart every preconceived notion you ever had about ventriloquism.

Since turning professional in 1999, he  has travelled  the world, opening people's minds to a new way of doing things!

Gareth is also an advocate of positive mental health, and regularly promotes the benefits of cold water therapy.

When not AT sea, Gareth can be found IN the sea, all year round, and has gained  a reputation for himself, as the real-life Aquaman.



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1st - 4th October - Regal Princess (Civitavecchia - Heraklion)

7th October - Support for Jason Manford, Sanford Holiday Park 

8th October - Parkdean Resorts, St Minver Holiday Park 

13th - 18th October - P&O Ventura (Lisbon - Southampton)

21st October - Parkdean Resorts, Sanford Holiday Park 

22nd October - Parkdean Resorts, Newquay Holiday Park 

28th October - Parkdean Resorts, West Bay Holiday Park 

29th October - Parkdean Resorts, White Acres Holiday Park 

4th - 11th November - P&O Azura (Tenerife - Tenerife)

16th - 19th November - P&O Iona (Funchal - Lanzarote)

9th - 14th December - P&O Aurora - (Southampton - Tromso)

16th December - Private event


2nd - 6th January - P&O Iona (Southampton - Gibraltar)

6th - 10th February - Saga Spirit of Discovery (Funchal - Lanzarote)

11th - 18th February - P&O Iona (Southampton - Southampton)

3rd - 7th April - P&O Britannia (Ponta Delgada - Southampton)

16th - 19th April - P&O Britannia (Southampton - Vigo)

23rd - 28th April - Regal Princess (Ponta Delgada - Rotterdam)

9th - 13th May - Sky Princess (La Rochelle - Southampton)

16th - 19th May - Regal Princess (Invergorgon - Le Havre)

30th May - 3rd June - Sky Princess (Copenhagen - Southampton)

10th - 15th June - Enchanted Princess (Athens - Naples)

17th - 21st June - Sky Princess (Southampton - Trondheim)

1st - 6th July - Enchanted Princess (Athens - Naples)

7th - 12th July - P&O Britannia (Southampton - Tallinn)

15th - 19th July Sky Princess (Stockholm - Copenhagen)

29th July - 3rd August - Sky Princess (Southampton - Barcelona)

8th - 12th August - Enchanted Princess (Heraklion - Athens)

12th - 17th August - Enchanted Princess (Athens - Naples)

30th August - 2nd September (Skjolden - Southampton)

11th - 15th September - P&O Ventura (Santander - Lisbon)

20th - 23rd September - Sky Princess (Bilbao - Southampton)

2nd - 7th October - P&O Azura (Civitavecchia - Split)

21st - 25th October - Saga Spirit of Adventure (Venice - Cagliari)

11th - 15th November - P&O Iona (Southampton - Funchal)

8th - 12th December - Saga Spirit of Adventure (Funchal - Gran Canaria)


*All dates are subject to change. Alice only performs on selected dates.                                      


Photography by Luke at Sculpher Photography
Copyright Gareth Oliver 2017